Masculine Fragrances

GrandDad’s Flannel

Granddads are special, and this fragrant candle is too! Bring back that special scent of Autumn Leaves and the unmatched feel of GrandDad’s favorite flannel shirt!

Whiskey & Friends

Our potent Whiskey fragrance oil is a blend of smoked oak, patchouli, and birch tar, complemented by the sweetness and vanilla essence of our Smoked Oud fragrance.

Papa’s Boots

Papa’s Boots is a subtle fragrance with warm leather notes, smoldering incense, wild berries, brushed suede, and red thyme leaves. Handcrafted in Michigan, our Golden Soy Wax Melts provide a relaxing essence of your favorite leather chair by a roaring fire and possibly the scent of a quality cigar.

Opening Day

If you enjoy family or solitude on your Opening Day ( no matter what your opening day is), You will enjoy this Coffee/Espresso fragrance. Fill your room with this fantastic scent today, or give it as a gift for a cabin, lake house, or hunting lodge!

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